The Nonprofit That Could … and Does

Thank you for stopping by our brand new Samost JFCS blog.  We look forward to sharing agency news, program milestones, staff perspective  and nonprofit industry views with you. As you may know, the Samost JFCS is located in Cherry Hill, NJ and helps to provide social change and support services to thousands in the Delaware Valley, regardless of race, religion, background or financial situation. 

Our affordable, accessible services are designed to help area seniors and families, and individuals with special needs. We also help a large portion of the community needing support, by way of our three food pantires, exceptional counseling services by dedicated social workers, and enrichment/education classes and workshops.  To learn more about Samost JFCS, log onto to see the many ways we are making an impact on those in need, all over Southern New Jersey.

We hope you enjoy the stories of inspiration and hope that come from these pages,  born from 65 years of love for our community and our many clients. We hope for you to share these stories with the ones you love, and please feel free to join the conversation by adding comments and input.


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