Get in the Game for JFCS Fundraiser on March 16!

JFCS Photo Shoot Stepping Out Chairs 2013 009

Annual Fundraiser – Stepping Out With JFCS
Saturday, March 16, 2013
8 PM at Congregation Beth El
For tickets, or to become an agency sponsor: 856-424-1333
*First-time Attendees Get $50 in Crazy Cash Per Person!

One by one, the players step onto the court, hearts racing, pulses pounding. The nervous excitement of attaining the big win and making the community proud is churning within each and every player. The coaches clench the playbook in their hands – with the palpable mixture of confidence and humility stirring inside. The opponents bring some degree of fear – of uncertainty of how they can come out on top. But there is something the players on that team have that will be the deciding factor of their fate… They have hope. They have dreams. They have a passion and motivation that no one will ever extinguish – no matter how daunting the odds. They will overcome the challenges. They will prove the naysayers wrong. They’ve come to win, and will look fear in the face. They will let their hearts – not the opponent or the level of difficulty – dictate whether victory will become theirs.

Appropriately, the theme this year for the annual fundraiser, “Stepping out with JFCS” is March Madness – that time of year that encompasses passion, pride and that unwavering desire to win for a community.
Those who know Samost JFCS and its team players – the program directors, staff, board members, volunteers- know that each person on the team is as passionate, as dream-filled, as hope-driven as that star basketball forward who brings his heart to every game. The JFCS team doesn’t play for a big, shiny trophy – and none are there to be personally showered with accolades and fanfare. But, they are all shooting for the same victory – a healthy, thriving local community, an end to the struggles of their fellow neighbors.

It’s true the opponents faced by JFCS are often formidable – childhood hunger, poverty, domestic violence, mental illness – and it would be easy to feel like an underdog in the fight and discouraged. And, unfortunately each year the challenges the team faces can seem insurmountable. Many times, the odds are not in their favor. But the JFCS team is never defeated. They don’t know what quitting looks like – because it isn’t an option. The stakes – bringing solace, hope and help to a community in need – are just too high. Instead of backing down – they fine tune the strategy, call on the talents and dedication of their fellow team members and make a difference. Each year, they rise to the occasion and they secure victories for the community through hard work, dedication, perseverance, and above all, heart. It is this that makes them champions. This defines the character of an agency that is driven by the fight – stepping up the game and rising above.

Please celebrate all of the JFCS victories, big and small, this year on Saturday, March 16, 2013. Support the JFCS team by purchasing tickets for this event- or by becoming a sponsor. There is nothing like the excitement of March Madness – of players who never throw in the towel – and this year, all of it will be alive and well at the annual fundraiser “Stepping Out with JFCS.” For ticket and agency sponsor information, use your smart phone and scan the QR code to the left, or call email


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