Two Steps Forward – Walk 4 Family & Friends with Cancer

JFCS is honored to be a part of the Walk 4 Friends & Family with Cancer ( again this year on April 20, 2013.

As a benefactor of the walk, Samost JFCS has been able to provide valuable, life-changing and necessary services and support to clients with cancer. The impact of these services is far-reaching for the recipients – practically, mentally and emotionally.  Just last year, JFCS was able to provide the following to 21 people, thanks to funds received from the Walk 4 Friends & Family with Cancer:

6   gas / electric  bills

1    water bill

3 medical bills

1 medical insurance premium

8 rent /mortgage payments

1 car insurance payment

1 computer/television bill

We at JFCS are grateful for the opportunity to provide critical support to those living with cancer.  As a testament to this appreciation, Anne Marie, a cancer patient and JFCS client, shared her thanks with us, saying:

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer, while I was caring for my husband, who was dying of pancreatic cancer. During that time, I was laid-off from my job and was struggling to make ends meet.  I had gone through radiation, oral chemo, and had my lymph nodes removed. It was an extremely difficult time for me, financially, paying for my husband’s medication and treatments, my medication and treatments, COBRA insurance, and home bills. I went through all my savings. In 2010, my husband passed away; I can’t explain how devastating it all was.   JFCS gave me (and continues to give) food from their pantry, helped me make a mortgage payment, found me an attorney to help with foreclosure proceedings, and supplied gift cards to me so that I may be able to buy holiday gifts for my son (without which I would have not had any gifts for him.) They went above and beyond – and I can’t even say what would have happened to me if JFCS wasn’t there helping us through it all. To JFCS, and to those of the Walk 4 Friends and Family Cancer, which helps to fund the assistance programs, I can’t say thank you enough…”

 We look forward to bringing even more assistance, peace of mind, and comfort to those with cancer, with you as our partner. To register for the walk, log on to:!__registration


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