Weekly Insider – JFCS

As the spring weather attempts to stabilize itself, we can all look forward to many sunny spring and summer days ahead.

• On Saturday, the the Cancer Walk for Family and Friends, of which JFCS is a beneficiary, gathered a couple hundred people who are dedicated to cancer awareness, research, and services. We can all take great pride in the words of JFCS client speaker, Nancy Grossman, who shared that JFCS was the most important place to which she turned during a time of great challenge in her life. The organizers of the event were most appreciative of JFCS’s assistance in marketing the walk and helping to ensure such a large attendance.

• We can all be pleased to hear that Senator Bob Menendez has acknowledged receipt of JFCS’s request that he Support Parkinson’s Research Funding, which is currently under review. We’ll have additional news as some staffers go on the Mission to DC later this month.

• Last week, the Special Needs Lay Committee enjoyed a robust conversation on numerous topics including a fabulous idea to consider becoming a concierge information service to families with DD issues. The possibility exists to create a revenue stream and to intensively serve the needs of these families. In addition, the department is researching the possibility of become a ‘Best Buddies’ site in order to offer mentoring relationships. Both of these ideas speak to the limitless possibilities of JFCS!

• We have found a wonderful new team of audiologists, Audiology Partners, LLC, who are going to partner with us to provide hearing aides to our seniors, including Holocaust Survivors, at a fair and reasonable cost. They accept payment plans and want to be of considerable help to this important population.

• Last week’s advisory council and board meeting highlighted for our lay partners the many, many initiatives that you are crafting and leading. They were blown away by the depth of services provided by the partnership that exists between us and the JCC when it comes to Adult/Senior Services and Special Needs; they were thrilled to hear of our desire to grow further in the area of addiction and recovery; and they were most thoughtful in discussing a host of marginalized populations that we might consider serving in the future.


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