JFCS Weekly Insider – May 3

On Monday, JFCS staff (Senior Services and Communications Departments) along with holocaust survivors and family, attended the 20th anniversary of the United States Holocaust Museum in DC, with  Elie Wiesel and Former President Bill Clinton addressing the audience on the momentous occasion.   Cafe Europa was a hit with a group of kindergarteners performing to our survivors.  In addition, the NORC, SAIL and TOPS calendars were bursting with activity, and sponsors are in the works for our Bark Mitzvah on June 12th.  We had an intimate donor gathering at the home of a board member as well as a meet and greet with Sodexho to network for jobs for our Soups and Sweets and special needs program participants.

I continue to be thoroughly  impressed by the diligent commitment to the individuals who seek our counseling services.  Many of the cases that come in are complex and necessitate a very thoughtful and empathetic person to attend to their unique nature.  The sensitivity, kindness and grace that is exhibited each and every day by our caseworkers and social workers is exemplary and we can call take great  pride in their devotion to excellence. 

JFCS staff and holocaust survivors from South Jersey attended the 20th Anniversary of the US Holocaust Museum this week.

JFCS staff and holocaust survivors from South Jersey attended the 20th Anniversary of the US Holocaust Museum this week.

Last week, a group from JFCS met with Rabbi Fried from Chai Lifeline to discuss next steps in our relationship. Together, we are going to plan a Chanukah party that will be a celebration and an opportunity for the parents and siblings of these children to dialogue and support one another.  Chai Lifeline is committed to further building our relationship and is going to invest funds from its annual budget moving forward.

Project SARAH’s fall awareness campaign is beginning to roll out.  Contacts to our local synagogues have begun by asking the rabbis to allow us to speak at services in October.  Many thanks to our staff and board for its fine work on moving this agenda forward.

Last Tuesday I enjoyed an afternoon at Lion’s Gate – touring and visiting.  We can all take pride in the numerous compliments that our Senior Department received during my visit for their well-regarded work with Lion’s Gate residents.  For many, our staff are a true lifeline to services and a fuller and more robust life.

We have recently procured two new tools for locating grants!  Through NJHAMA (New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies) and the purchase of an online access tool through the Foundation Directory, we will be even better positioned to locate new and relevant grants to fund our programs in the future.

We are also busy in our development / communications departments, gearing up for the Annual Meeting, to take place May 9!




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