JFCS Insider: This Week At JFCS

Over the weekend, the JFCS Sailors softball teaimage6m enjoyed a terrific time at the NJ Special Olympics.  The team enjoyed spending time with the entire contingent at the Olympics during various outdoor and indoor activities.  Friday night’s rain prompted an indoor dance party featuring the B Street Band and throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday, participants enjoyed games of mini-golf, barbeques and fun in addition to two softball games.  On Saturday night, our very own Laura Bekier was selected to throw out the first pitch at the Trenton Thunder baseball game!  A great time was had by all. 

United Way is an integral partner to our agency and we’re pleased to share that JFCS Marla Meyers Executive Director  has been invited to join with executives from various social services organizations for two United Way sponsored meetings:  one in Camden and another in Westhampton.  These gatherings offer professionals a chance to hear about United Way activities and to network. 

Retreat plans for our staff and board are underway!  As we eagerly plan a terrific staff development day for August 8th, our lay leaders are about to undergo a similar process.  The lay leaders look forward to a fall retreat at one of our satellite locations.  They, much like us, see themselves as a group of individuals focused on unique aspects of the agency yet committed to the entirety of JFCS’s success.   The board retreat will be held at one of our program sites allowing for a true bird’s eye view of your work with clients.

 P.S. The Bark Mitzvah is this Wednesday, June 12th at Laurel Acres Park!



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