JFCS Insider: This Week At JFCS / July 8

Soups and Sweets Graduating Class - July 18,  2013

Soups and Sweets Graduating Class – July 18, 2013

  • We were able to catch the attention of the Philadelphia Inquirer who came out 2 weeks ago to do a full story on Soups and Sweets.  The result is the article published in today’s paper (South Jersey Section) which can be found by clicking:  http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20130708_Special-needs_students_cook_up_special_dishes.html  The article speaks volumes about the program’s vision and pulls at the heart strings.  Mazel tov to Barbara Abrams and her team for their outstanding work on behalf of the special needs community and to all of us for advocating on behalf of this wonderful population.
  • This week marks the annual food drive at the JCC Camp in Medford to benefit JFCS.  We look forward to joining a small group that will make the annual run out to camp this Friday to say thank you to the children and camp staff and to take photos.  We hope to add many needed items to our food pantries through this effort.
  • Recent articles in the media about SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program/food stamps) have criticized certain states including New Jersey for lack of ease and an inability to follow criteria for timeliness.  For many of you who work with clients who utilize SNAP, this is probably not  a surprise.  The good news is that New Jersey is making some positive changes.  By limiting the number of times people must recertify for benefits which will now be annually, by changing the way applicants interact with county staff so that paperwork filing can be assisted by any caseworker and not just the assigned caseworker, and by further streamlining procedures and installing updated computer systems, the state is making a concerted effort to increase efficiency and effectiveness.  Let’s hope it works.

Tweet of the Week – One Savvy Person Can Save a Victim of Domestic Violence

I recently read a piece that a woman submitted to the press about her story of domestic violence.  She shared the typical story of how her partner slowly isolated her from their extended community and that along with the heightened isolation he increased the emotional and physical abuse.  Through it all, he allowed her to keep one acquaintance.  That acquaintance, over time, became very astute to the psychological state of the man and in order to maintain her relationship with the woman, she played right into him.  She deliberately stroked his ego and did everything in her power to make him feel good around her.  Her goal, of course, was to remain in touch and to prevent him from removing her from the relationship.  At the point when the abuse finally came to a physical head and the woman feared for her life, she literally had no one left to turn to.   She turned to her acquaintance not realizing at the time that this person was waiting for her call.  Almost like a watchful angel, she was there with open arms.  It wasn’t until later on that the woman realized just how savvy and deliberate her acquaintance actually was.  The power in having one ‘friend’ can be hugely empowering for a victim and as you and I know, we are often that one ‘friend’.   How lucky we are to be the watchful angel . . .

Marla Meyers,  Executive Director –  Samost JFCS


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