JFCS Groups to Build Bright Futures for Pre Teens and Young Adults


Growing up in this day and age is not easy.  As a pre-teen, there are growing pressures at school to be the best student, to fit in amongst peer groups, to please parents, to be involved in the community, and to put your best foot forward at all times.  It seems that as they prepare to leave high school, the stressors only continue to mount and can be difficult to navigate. Our young people are constantly striving to find balance and harmony as they embark into their pre-teen schooling and young adult work lives.

Samost JFCS in Cherry Hill is providing some curriculum this February that may help ease the stress and help local youth find a clear path through it all, by offering two new groups:  “This is Me” for pre-teen girls, and “This is My Life”, a group for young adults in transition ages 18-25.

“JFCS is pleased to offer a brand new group just for girls, ages 11 to 13. We are excited to have the opportunity to improve the lives of girls in our community. Girls’ groups help girls learn that they are not alone,” says Nancy Lubars, JFCS Child and Adolescent Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  “Our ‘This Is Me’ group will empower girls to work together so they can learn more about who they truly are and focus on positive self-esteem, dealing with social stressors and improving relationships.” Attendees will be able to express themselves in an engaging and safe environment. The group will meet Thursdays from 7 to 830 beginning in February.

February will also welcome the launch of “This is My Life” group for young adults in transition, ages 18-25.  “The years after graduating from high school can be stressful and intimidating for young adults.  This new offering will provide some support and guidance to this age group,” says Sandy Kabel, JFCS Licensed Clinical Social Worker..“Young adults will find support amongst their peers in a fun, social setting.  Facilitators will offer various topics and tools to enhance skills that improve members self concept and confidence, coping capacity, goal setting and decision making ability as well as offer practical advice about career development.”  Participants must register in advance, and this group will run on Tuesdays starting in February.

While growing up can be quite a journey, JFCS is determined to help local youth not go it alone.  With support, resources and guidance, attendees will gain added confidence to pursue a great future while in school, and after they have graduated. To register for either of the groups, please call 856-424-1333.


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