JFCS Project SARAH Domestic Violence Outreach Meeting An Eye-Opener

By Emily Schwartz, Project SARAH Communications Team
The JFCS Project SARAH  (Stop Abusive Relationships at Home) committee members, as well as other members of the community, gathered last week with Mindy Fenderick for an event at her home that was eye opening, thought provoking, and raw to say the least.  
Mindy hosted an exercise in which everyone was able to put themselves in the shoes of a victim of domestic violence. By reading several real-life situations, and having to make the decisions on what each person would do if they were in the victim’s shoes, everyone gained a new perspective on what it is like to live with domestic violence.
Project SARAH staff were in attendance to help answer questions and explain what JFCS and our community can do to help make a difference.
Imagine being involved in a domestic violence situation, feeling lost, helpless and scared. If you are interested in bringing this awareness to other people in the community and would like to learn more or host an event please contact Hilary Platt at hplatt@jfedsnj.org.

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