Back at it Again: Another year,More school Anxiety

The first day of school is not all that it is cut out to be. While some students eagerly anticipate the day they get to walk through the double doors, many see it as a day of doom and gloom. Although back to school time often means new things, back to school time also means major anxiety. Paired with the newness of another year of stress from a heavy course load, your child again has to learn how to fit in amongst her peers in a whole new way. Help ease back to school jitters by getting her the help he/she craves.

Feeling anxious is normal. It can be easy to downplay anxieties that you may deem as unimportant, however remember to your teen that these anxieties are extremely important. Anxiety is normal and by telling your teen that you understand their worries and quandaries, you are normalizing and validating their reasons of feeling anxious.

Often times, teens are able to pick up on energies of those around them. If your teen senses your anxiety or nervousness, that has more of an impact on his/her moral than you think. By checking your own mood and reactions to situations, you are able to assess remaining cool and calm on the surface.

The school year may be especially a difficult time for an individual who has recently moved or are first-timers to middle school or high school. To these students, fear consumes their thoughts. Any anxious teen has similar worries and thought processes regardless of what the situation may be. It is critical for you as the parent or guardian to make any arrangement available that you can, so there is an easy transition into the new school or environment. That will help to tend to your child’s worries.

As in life, teens have to learn how to cope with difficult situations. No matter the difficulty of the situation or what the situation may be- teens have to learn how to effectively deal with their fears in healthy and helpful ways.





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