JFCS SAIL Special Needs Program Car Wash Fundraiser – August 20!


Sunday, August 20th @ 10:00am – 12:00pm

The car wash will take place on August 20th, 2017 from 10:00am – 12:00pm! It will be held in the parking lot of JCFS 1721 Springdale Road Cherry Hill, NJ 08003. All donations will support JCFS Special Education SAIL program!


Spaghetti Under the Stars Fundraiser by Catelli Duo for JFCS

 Former Soviet Union Holocaust Survivors Receive Support and Socialization Programs

Serving Holocaust Survivors is not only our honor at JFCS, it is a passion and commitment that we have held steadfastly to for decades.  It is our mission to make sure that no one affected by the atrocities of the Nazi regime is left without proper services and care to which they are entitled.

A segment of the Survivor population, from the Former Soviet Union (FSU), are helped by JFCS through various services and social programs, and are invited each month to Café Europa, which is a luncheon open to Holocaust Survivors.  Recently, a grant was given to JFCS through the Jewish Community Foundation to specifically support the FSU Survivors further, and bring them a special event that honors their traditions.

In response to significant outreach efforts, JFCS has had an increase in the numbers of FSU Survivors in the past few years.  JFCS senior services staff, always striving to educate themselves more deeply in the unique traditions of clients, reached out to other JFCS organizations nationwide who service this population, to learn even more about cultural norms of those from the FSU.  They also attended webinars and researched local venues that celebrate Russian culture.  It is of the utmost importance for the staff to seek guidance on continuing to build the trust of the FSU population, and understand the significant dates of history related to the FSU Survivors, as they are different than those of the Eastern European Survivors.

“We have served this population starting with their resettlement, but this grant has helped us to gain even more education to better understand Russian culture, which helps to deepen the bonds developed between clients and staff,” says Wendy Cohen-Klier, MSW, LSW, CDP, a Geriatric Social Worker at JFCS says. “Additionally, culturally-specific invitations were specially sent out to FSU Survivors, inviting them to a luncheon at the Palace Royal restaurant. At this event, they will have lunch and be entertained in Russian style, to celebrate the heritage of their homeland.”

“JFCS’ support for the FSU Survivor population has allowed many of the Survivors to continue to live in their homes with help, instead of moving into a nursing facility. It is the goal of JFCS to service them with dignity and cultural appropriateness,” says Wendy.

JFCS currently assists over two dozen FSU clients by providing homecare services, case management, counseling, transportation, food programs, adult day care, and home response systems, funded by the The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.

For those receiving support from JFCS, the impact goes further than tangible services.  For many, it provides socialization, more independence, and comfort in their golden years.

JFCS encourages the community to help identify those who may benefit from the funds allocated for Holocaust Survivors.  JFCS is committed to assisting all Holocaust Survivors, as much as possible.  Please call our offices at 856-424-1333 to find out more about our support services.

Bite Size Volunteer Opportunities

Congratulations to Lilly Checkoff, who recently won our JFCS Teen Volunteering Video Contest on the theme “What Volunteering Means to Me.” Check out her wonderful video on volunteering here: https://vimeo.com/220967274 Proud of Lilly’s efforts to make a difference in our community!

Gardens for Good: Fruits & Veggies Needed for JFCS Food Pantry Clients By Laura Turkienicz

Food insecurity is a family’s inability to be able to deliver enough food to live a nourishing lifestyle. 1 in 8 people in the United States battle with hunger and the ability to provide nutritious foods at the dinner table.  Thousands in Southern New Jersey rely on our JFCS Betsy and Peter Fischer Food Pantries each year, and JFCS is asking farmers and gardeners to share their surplus with our clients during these summer months, via the JFCS Gardens For Good produce donation program.

The importance of fruits and vegetables is essential. They contain vital vitamins, minerals and also provide fiber. A diet that is high in fruits and vegetables helps fight against cancer, obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Fruits and vegetables do not contain cholesterol and are rich in potassium which helps keep blood pressures at a healthy rate.

Food insecurity can happen so quickly, due to unexpected events or accidents. Many families find it is an ongoing battle to choose between paying bills or buying healthy food.  Most of the time the family has to choose to pay bills, which affects their nutrition.  Since it is less expensive and easier to buy processed foods that are high in calories and fat, many families decides it makes more sense to turn to this option so they at least have food on the table. These types of foods can lead to serious health complications and can harm the growth of a child and their ability to learn and focus. The food born in our local gardens and farms, on the other hand, brings unparalleled nutrition.

JFCS wants your help to make a difference for these families and provide more produce to our food pantry clients.  During the summertime, local gardeners and farmers often find themselves with more produce than necessary. Instead of throwing away these foods, we can all choose to make a difference in the community.  JFCS hopes that the community considers donating fresh vegetables and fruit from your summer surplus to help our clients have nutritious food choices.  The JFCS Gardens for Good produce donation program can help bring nutrition and healthful living to those who are in desperate need.   For more information, or to schedule a produce drop-off from your garden /farm, contact Nina Staiman at 856-424-1333, nstaiman@jfedsnj.org.



Free Affordable Healthcare Assistance – May, June & July Dates Available

JFCS and JCC Present Project Rainbow End of Year LGBTQ Event – May 4

Justin Wolfe Memorial Birthday Event To Support Addiction Prevention – June 13

Please see full flyer below, and purchase your tickets for this event by going to www.justinforjustice.org.


Encore! Social Discussion Group for Widow/ Widowers May 17th!

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